Virtual Production

Virtual Production

Virtual production is the process of blending the real world and the digital, blurring the lines between what is physical and what is virtual.


Our virtual reality services include

65m² LED volume 
— 30m² ceiling for scene accurate reflections and lighting
— 15m² auxilliary LED
— Full black LED panels
— 10bit HDR capable
— Rec.2020 color space
— Up to 100Hz FPS (SDR), up to 50Hz (HDR)

Optitrack camera tracking system

— 30 cameras
— 15 x 25m actively tracked area
submillimeter precision
Track 3 cameras, and hundreds of on-set objects
Lens data tracking for in camera VFX
Tracking data recording for post production


Unreal Engine 5 based workflow

— On-set live editing/tweaking
DMX support for unified on-stage control
Pomfort Livegrade Studio integration for real time accurate color grading integrating seamlessly with established workflows

The studio comes to your production

Our services include on-site setup of the LED volume at any venue.

The studio fits your production.

The size and arrangement of the LED volume is tailored to the needs of the production.


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